A # code is an abbreviated dialing code that is 3-5 digits in length. Once provisioned on the carriers, anyone with a cell phone can dial that code and be connected to the business/service provider based on the callers location.

They work by being dialed into a mobile phone. On the backend they work very much like a normal mobile call. 

Yes. We can route based on area code, city, DMA, State or Nationwide.

They range from $750/mo and up. It depends on the service area you would like to serve. Request a demo below to get exact pricing based on your needs.

For starters they are easier for your potential customer to remember and use. They also are geo routed based on location. Something your 800 number can’t do.

We can get most 3-5 digit codes. However, please note that some number combinations are tied up on specific carriers in specific locations.

We first route by location/service area. Then the individual calls can be routed based on your business needs. We can route to a personal cell, call center, or phone tree. It is 100% up to you.

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# codes are short abbreviated dialing codes. They work on the back end just like any other number. However, they have some advanced features that 800 numbers do not have, such as, geo-routing. They also are easier for your customer to remember. 





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